Company Profile

GAIA was founded in June 1991.
The company is active in the following areas:

  • Waste water management
  • Provision of Biotechnology products
       (Selected blends of natural micro-organisms)

        More specifically:

  • The company offers its services towards the solutions of problems in the field of municipal and industrial waste water plants as well as to smaller waste water treatment units (e.g. in hotels). Highly qualified personnel, consisting of a Biologist, a Chemical engineer and an Electrical engineer, provide technical support. A qualified laboratory provides the analysis of all the revevant WWT plant operational parameters.

  • A full technical report is produced with suggestions for the rectification of operational problems of the WWT plant.

  • The range of microorganism blend products includes products for grease control, WWT plant startup and maintenance, as well as products with specific application in all areas of food production and processing or municipal WWT units.

      GAIA is the Greek distributor for products of international companies involved in the production of selected microorganism blends, for application in all areas of wastewater treatment.
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